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News on the Female Lead Role for Stand Alone STAR WARS Film

A site known as ikwiz has reported that a source close to the 2016 stand alone Star Wars film, has revealed the name of the female lead role. This name may surprise some of you.

According to ikwiz, the lead female character will be….

sabine 1
Sabine Wren Star Wars: Rebels

Sabine Wren, who is a character we’ve seen on Star Wars: Rebels, has been named to be the female lead in the film. The site go further into details mentioning that actress Tatiana Maslany (Orphan Black) has come up a lot for this role. Apparently, in the stand alone film, Sabine is” a little holder and a bounty hunter.”

THR broke some news yesterday reporting that Oscar-nominated actress Felicity Jones (The Amazing Spider-Man 2) is in talks to star in the project as the lead female role.

Felicity Jones


Disney has not commented on any of these reports.

THR also mentioned that actresses were meeting and testing for the role last week in Los Angeles. Again, actress Tatiana Maslany’s name came up along with Rooney Mara (Her).

The stand alone film has a release date of Dec.16, 2016.