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New Trailer for SUPERMAN Documentary LOOK TO THE SKY

From the same filmmakers that brought you the inspirational Batman documentary Legends of the Knight, comes the new documentary Look to the Sky. Look to the Sky features the uplifting true stories of young people who have demonstrated the “Superman spirit” in life-threatening situations, physical challenges, loss and through heroic acts of community service. Check out the new trailer for the documentary below.

The production team for Look to the Sky is now raising funds through Indiegogo to finish the film. The campaign gives supporters of the project the opportunity to pre-order copies of the finished film and other incentives as a way of funding this documentary project.


For more info and ways you can help this non-profit film, visit the links below.

LINK to Indiegogo campaign: http://igg.me/at/supermanisreal

Official website: http://www.RisingHero.org

Release date of the film will be Fall 2016.