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New Trailer and Poster for 6 WAYS TO DIE

Vinnie Jones stars in the action-crime-thriller 6 Ways To Die. A brand new trailer and poster have been released for the film, which will arrive in theaters and VOD on Friday, July 31st. Check out the trailer and poster!

6 million ways to die

Here is the synopsis for the film.

Sonny “Sundown” Garcia (Michael Rene Walton) is the top cocaine distributor in the United States, which has made him a very rich and powerful man. It has also made him plenty of enemies. John Doe (Vinnie Jones) is just such a man. A nameless man of mystery, John lives to see Sundown not just dead, but to suffer six meaningful losses before his death—his fortune, his freedom, his love, his reputation, his most valuable possession and, finally, his life. John hires six hit-men, each one assigned to inflict one of the six meaningful losses upon Sundown.

6 Ways To Die will arrive in theaters and VOD on Friday, July 31st. The film stars Vinnie Jones (X-Men: The Last Stand, Swordfish,) Michael Rene Walton (The Grind, Gerald,) Vivica A. Fox (Kill Bill, Independence Day,) Tom Sizemore (Saving Private Ryan, Black Hawk Down,) Bai Ling (The Crow, Red Corner,) Dominique Swain (Face/Off, Lolita,) Melissa Mars, Peter Dobson, Chris Jai Alex, Jose Rosete, Luis Fernandez-Gil, Kinga Philipps, Jeff Galfer, Vinny Silva, Sandra Valladares, Nicholas Small, Hailey Makae Pratti, Marco Silvestri, David Villada, Alejandro Barrios, Justin Bigelli, Leonel Claude, America Del Sol, Gene Freeman, Tommy Gunns, Huseyin Kurtuldu, Waymond Lee, Brandon Menald, Jamie Miller, Serag Mohamed, Ido Mor, Hugh Mun, Brad Nelson, Eric Pierce, Ivana Radetich, Robert Rexx, David Saucedo, Hamid Savalanpour, Chris Serafin, Prince Shah, David Sommer, Destiny Soria and Scott Speiser. The film is produced, written and directed by Nadeem Soumah.

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