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A New Super Power Beat Down is Coming! Green Ranger vs Ryu!


Jason David Frank who is still well known these days for playing the roles of the Green Ranger and White Ranger on the 90’s hit series, “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers,” posted on his Facebook page that he will make a return to the popular web series “Super Power Beat Down,” but this time as the green ranger as he will take on Street Fighter’s Ryu.

JDF also mentioned that it’s “Saban approved,”  & that shooting will start next week. The first time JDF was on “Super Power Beat Down” was in the very popular White Ranger vs Scorpion. The votes for who would win were so close, that they made an alternate ending. Here was my favorite version:






Later this week, I will get to interview the man himself, Jason David Frank, at San Diego Comic-con. So stay tuned for the interview! I can hardly contain my excitement.