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New Second Son Screens



At a recent Sony event, we had the chance to go hands on with INFAMOUS: SECOND SON, which comes out exclusively on the PS4 this March. This is our second time spent with the game, but this was more in depth session than our E3 coverage. If you’re worried about the game not living up to the expectations set, don’t be.

We’ll make this brief as we’ll have a video for it up soon. But this is what next-gen should feel like. Delsin’s movements are so natural, they’re almost a perfect translation of the mo-cap that went into it. Seattle feels as living and breathing as the actual city. The way the rain paints a building in the light is uncanny. One scene that you’ll see is when Delsin meets another conduit and the player is presented with a choice to encourage her rampage of destruction or try to redeem her. We saw what happens when you send her on a murder spree; some of the most powerful cinematic dialogue scenes in gaming where Delsin is forced to ponder what he let loose on the world. My only concern with the game is Infamous most notorious feature, the good vs. evil choice system. For a game with so much life flowing through it, the choice system still lives in the black and white of good and evil. When it comes out hopefully there will be something to push that system into its next evolution.


We’ll have more on Infamous: Second Son real soon.