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New Redesigned PS Vita System

The thing no one expected Sony to do, happened.


Tonight during their Pre-TGS press event Sony detailed a redesign of their Vita handheld gaming system. With an increased battery life and a new 5′ LCD screen to replace the OLED on the original, this new Vita is aimed to be more affordable and easier to use.

Sony’s slimmer (20% to be exact) Vita will also be 15% lighter than the previous one. The new vita will also have 1GB worth of built in storage and for everyone raging about how that isn’t enough memory; Sony also announced today a new 64GB memory card for the PS Vita.

This new Vita will be available in Japan in six different colors on October 10, 2013 for the price of 18,980 Yen (or about $190). Currently there is no word on if and when this model will come to the U.S. With so many unsold Vita units made by Sony this new redesign came as a surprise to many. This news could also mean another price drop will come to the old model if this redesign reaches the U.S. Could it also mean a cheaper Vita/PS4 bundle?

What do you think of Sony’s latest announcement? What impact do you think it will have on next-gen system launches?