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New Overwatch Map BlizzardWorld Announced At BlizzCon

BlizzCon 2017 definitely started with a bang. During the opening ceremonies for the event, the director for the hit multiplayer game Overwatch, Jeff Kaplan, announce many features coming soon to the game including a new character and a brand new map, BlizzardWorld. Blizzardworld is an upcoming map that will be a theme park styled area with reference to many Blizzard properties including World of Warcraft, Heartstone, and Heroes of the Storm.

The new map will be a hybrid styled area in which you attack or defend the payload. A teaser trailer accompanied the announcement, showing off some of the locations as well as a short scene in which several characters from the game are watching in anticipation. The trailer definitely gave me flashbacks to old Disney movie commercials so it seems as though Blizzard is planning on bringing the magic to us soon.

The new map is is expected to release early next year on all platforms although it may pop up on the PTR some time soon.

You can watch the trailer for BlizzardWorld right here.