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Fans have been patiently waiting for Sony to greenlight the reboot for Masters of the Universe. Word came from Columbia Pictures‘ Senior Vice-President DeVon Franklin about the upcoming film when he released an image via Twitter of the script’s title page at the beginning of the year. MOTU1

DeVon FranklinDeVon Franklin @DeVonFranklin

@danmillerNY @RoastGooble

5:18 PM – 1 Jan 2015

Now, with fans pummeling Franklin on Twitter for more information, the move seems to have paid off. The studio executive finally caved and released this tweet and image. Hold onto your swords!


DeVon FranklinDeVon Franklin @DeVonFranklin

@ThomasCastle75 @BigTyDIESEL @newhemanmovie @DCnew52He_man @danmillerNY @SonyPictures we’ll know more next week

5:10 PM – 13 Feb 2015

So, is this happening? The image is in fact a brand new logo for a live-action Masters of the Universe movie. It may be a departure from the old iconic logo, but it does signal the coming of something new. So, hopefully, fans will only have to wait one short week for more good news.

The film has been in development limbo since 2009. Kick-Ass 2 writer-director Jeff Wadlow is the fifth writer to hunt and peck at the story. Other writers have included: Alex Litvak and Mik Finch, Richard Wenk and Terry Rossio. Wadlow may also direct the film after he expressed a strong desire to helm the sci-fi-fantasy feature. This happened after John M. Chu walked away from the project in order to direct the toy-based movie Jem and the Holograms.

Source: wegotthiscovered