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New Jump Force Story Trailer Is A Fanboys Dream

Jump Force has had it’s story trailer officially dropped. It combines a true sense of the surrounding characters, and their worlds, with your own new custom avatar.

While Custom characters are usually a miss (see sonic forces), We can’t help but feel the multiplayer element and vast character customization options really aid to this idea. Much like in Dragon ball Xenoverse, the players character fits within a much larger story going on. Your custom character will even be able to learn special moves from those big names such as Goku, Luffy, and Naruto.

Details are still elusive on exactly how these characters tie in to the greater story, but it looks as though you will be able to play with your custom character with friends, then hit them with the pros in the PvP multiplayer arena.

Jump Force releases in less than 2 months on February 15, 2019.