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New Image from the CW’s SUPERMAN AND LOIS

CW: SUPERMAN AND LOIS – In this Behind The Scene photo we finally get a glimpse of the Kent family, Lois & Clark & Kids. Yep! In the new CW series Lois and Clark have teen sons; Jonathan and Jordan.  And they move from Metropolis to Smallville.  The masked-selfie is our first look at the super family.  But now that they are all together, and about to start filming, expect an official mask-free promo shot soon.

Fun Fact:  When the series begins, neither of the boys has super powers… yet.  But like in the series Smallville,  my guess is that one, or both of them, will slowly discover they have abilities far beyond those of mortal men.

Tyler Hoechlin is Superman/Clark Kent and Elizabeth Tulloch is Lois Lane.  They are married and raising the two teenage boys; Jonathan Kent is Jordan Elsass, and  Jordan Kent is Alex Garfin (Long hair).