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New Hulk Teased with Announcement of TOTALLY AWESOME HULK #1

Marvel has been teasing a new Hulk for awhile now and today, the teasing goes even further with the announcement of Totally Awesome Hulk #1.

In a series that will bring back Incredible Hulk writer Greg Pak (Planet Hulk) and bringing blockbuster artist Frank Cho (Mighty Avengers, Savage Wolverine) along, we will see “someone else is going to take away Banner’s burden, hoist it onto his frail shoulders like it weighs no more than a leaf, and embrace the pure fun being the most powerful being in the Marvel Universe. It’s the Hulk like you’ve never seen him before: unleashed, unapologetic and totally awesome,” in the words of Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso.

The announcement goes a bit further by questioning “But who is this mysterious new Jade Giant? And just what has happened to Bruce Banner in the previous eight months? All will be revealed – and the answers will surprise you! Not tormented. Not conflicted. Just a giant green wrecking machine who loves being the Hulk. But will that spell trouble for the entire Marvel Universe?

We ain’t kidding – this is an all-new Hulk.We’re breaking new ground here – no return to established personalities of the past. But what’s going on is indeed grounded in the history of the character and will delve into the central themes of the Hulk in exhilarating new ways,” said writer Greg Pak in an interview with Marvel.com.

Marvel promises “big heart, big humor, high stakes and bombastic action” awaiting us in the new on going series which will debut this Fall.



Now with the name “Totally Awesome Hulk,” it has us thinking that it could be someone in their teens or young adulthood by using just those first two words in the title.  Also notice that his left hand is blackened out as if it would be a dead give away if it were shown. Any idea who it can be?