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New DUMB AND DUMBER TO Poster featuring the Shaggin’ Wagon

Who could forget Harry’s Mutt Cutts van from “Dumb and Dumber?” Now Harry and Lloyd are back with an alternate version of their famous Shaggin’ Wagon albeit it seems smaller than the original 1984 Ford Econoline van. Check out the poster and look at these two simpletons enjoy themselves! 

Dumb and Dumber To Dog Wagon


Remember the classic!
Remember the classic!

Here is the storyline for the film. 

20 years after the dim wits set out on their first adventure, they head out in search of one of their long-lost children in the hope of gaining a new kidney. 

“Dumb and Dumber To” will open in theaters on November 14th. The film stars Jim Carrey, Jeff Daniels, Kathleen Turner, Angela Kerecz, Laurie Holden, Paul Blackthorne, Rob Riggle, Lauren Henneberg, Cam Neely, Erika Bierman, Rachael Melvin, Matthew Cardarople, Erin Allin O’Reilly, Brady Bluhm, Tembi Locke, Taylor St. Clair, Don Lake, Eddie Shin, Jennifer Cocker, Patricia French, Tommy Snider, Steve Tom, Brett Wyman, Jeff Matthew Glover, Walter Hendrix III, Gregory Fears, Grant James, Derek Blankenship, Josh Turner, Dalton E. Gray, Lauren Emily Townsend, Jesse Clark, Darien Johnson, Maia Moss-Fife, Taylor McPherson, Lindsay Ayliffe, Allison de Figueiredo Freitas, Ron Hudson, Kassidy Claire, Kathlene Huslin, Atkins Estimond, Derrick Dean, Abigail Gamache, Rob Koebel, Dave Walpole, Michael McCrudden, Jeffrey Karantza, Debi Kimsey, Shelton Foreman, Erick Reihs Jackson, Bryan Dilbeck, Joe Foley, Jeff Sumner, Ryan Nesset, Llauryn P. Hendrix, Walt Arnett, Paul Bednarz, Orbert Rogers and Aaron Kirschnick. Sean Anders, Mike Cerrone, Bobby Farrelly, Peter Farrelly, John Morris and Bennett Yellin wrote the screenplay, while Bobby Farrelly and Peter Farrelly direct. 

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