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New Details on DC’s Animated Aquaman Film


When it comes to DC, the part that most fans can agree on is that DC has definitely been hitting the mark with their animated films. Films such as Justice League: Flashpoint Paradox, Justice League: War, and the most recent film Son of Batman, have had pretty good success. Now DC animated studios have been working on a film focusing on Aquaman and Newsarama has learned some details about the film.

So far, Newsarama has learned that this film which includes Aquaman’s name in the title (full title is still not confirmed yet) will likely be a New 52 origin story.

Writer Geoff Johns has revamped Aquaman with his New 52 run, giving the underwater king of Atlantis, a little more respect and created a larger fan base for the hero.

Veteran voice actor Sam Witwer, will be the voice of Orm aka Ocean Master.

Justice League : War after credit scene