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A New Captain America is Coming! (Joe Quesada’s Big Announcement)


As we let you know earlier today, Joe Quesada made a big announcement tonight on “The Colbert Report.” Joe Quesada announced that Sam Wilson aka The Falcon, will take over Steve Rogers as the new Captain America.

Here’s how Quesada’s announcement went:

“Well you know, Steve Rogers saved the world again, but not without personal sacrifice. Sam Wilson, his partner, the Falcon, is becoming the new Captain America.”

Here’s the new Captain America: 1910500_10152577655421788_7415779627610980028_n

Cred. Newsarama Captain Wilson


Falcon as he holds the shield


How do you feel about this news as well as the news of a female Thor? Do you think Marvel is risking too much or is it a great move?