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New Batman: Arkham Knight Screens and Details


Rocksteady Studios, creators of the Arkham game franchise have released a new video giving a few breaking game details and the philosophy behind the new Batmobile. A few answers are given on the question of what happened to the Batmobile seen in Arkham Asylum, but what will be most appealing is their vision of how the car will integrate with gameplay in a seamless manner. Players will be able to call upon the car at any time by simply pressing the L1 button. You can also launch yourself out or dive in from the rooftops. In addition to all this Rocksteady has called the Batmobile “indestructible”, you’ll be allowed to plow your own shortcuts through the pillars and barricades of Gotham City.

There’s also a look at a new villain being created for the game called “The Arkham Knight”. The character is being developed by Rocksteady alongside DC Comics.

The game will release this Fall on next-gen consoles only. We’ll bring you more details on the game as they are sure to come out in droves this Summer but in the meantime check out the video from GDC below.