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NEVERBOY #1 Review


Neverboy is a darker version of Drop Dead Fred, in comic form.

(The description of the book may contain a spoiler for some).

Neverboy is an imaginary friend who finds a way to stay in the real world, by taking drugs. When the drugs wear off, things start to get even more strange as the real world and the imaginary world clash with one another.



Neverboy is written by Shaun Simon, who also co-created The Killjoys. If you have read The Killjoys, you know that Simons writing is more on the fantasy/adventure side of writing. That’s exactly what you get in this book as well.

At first when reading the issue, I didn’t quite get that Neverboy was an imaginary character, which for me, made it feel almost like a Sixth Sense type of reveal.


I really liked that this followed the imaginary character but that it did it in a way that hasn’t been done before. The fact that the drugs helped keep Neverboy at bay was a brilliant touch. I do think that this is a very interesting book.  What has me even more excited about it this issue is the variant cover which was done by Gerard Way. I’ve loved all of Gerard’s artwork since his My Chemical Romance days then into Umbrella Academy and so on. It’s cool to see that Simon went to Way for the variant issue, since the two co-created The Killjoys. I can’t wait to see where Neverboy goes next.28364

Gerard Way variant


Neverboy is out March 4.