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NEO GEO Mini sells out in under an hour and a half in Japan

For the last month, SNK has been teasing us with the NEO GEO Mini. Right before E3, SNK revealed information about the system (a lot of it we reported about) but did not mention a price or release date. That was until a few days ago where SNK posted on it’s Twitter Page that the system would be releasing on July 24th and would retail forĀ 12,420 yen (around $113).

$113 for a mini arcade cabinet with a 3.5″ screen, 40 built-in games and the ability to connect to your TV for a better experience? A must have for me…that is if it wasn’t pretty much sold out on both Amazon.JP and the SNK Online Shop. It didn’t take that long either, in less than an hour and a half after going live it was gone, that includes the bundles that includes an NEO GEO Mini pad which is an additional 2,400 yen (a little over $20) each.

I have seen a few pop up on the SNK Online Shop that include an aluminum card holder for 13,020 yen ($118) and one that includes a backpack for ($295). Sadly, it doesn’t ship to the US.

As much as I would love to get a NEO GEO Mini right now after getting some hands-on time with it at E3, it might be a little easier to wait for the International version to be released.

No date or price has officially announced for the West but it should be pretty soon.