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NBA 2K20’s My Team Trailer has a really ridiculous gambling problem

It’s amazing to see just how far certain publishers will push their lootboxes, I mean hey it’s one of the easiest ways for them to make plenty of extra money by locking things behind a paywall (one that is completely random with some absolutely horrible pull rates).

We’ve seen some of these huge companies do whatever they can to make sure these “surprise mechanics” aren’t classified as gambling but 2K’s latest trailer for NBA 2K20 My Team blurs the line even further as it focuses more on the gambling aspect of the game….more than the game itself!

My Team let’s you create your ultimate team if you manage to secure that particular card pack which is nothing new but this new trailer jsut has all the bells and whistles that you’d see in gambling, I mean heck it has a literal slot machine and roulette wheel…I mean prize wheel but it’s all to get people to spend real money to unlock all these things using premium currency. I mean hey you will be able to earn most things that don’t require the premium currency by playing the game which chances are will be given out sparingly but the fact that 2K is just highlighting all this gambling with people hyping up their pulls just really rubs me the wrong way.

Worst of all the game is rated E for everyone, really?

There is just so many problems with NBA 2k20’s latest trailer and to be honest it’s amazing to see how blatant they are promoting gambling. This is why I’ve stopped playing pretty much any sports games in the last few years.