National Geographic’s “Chasing UFOs”

Mysterious lights, crash sites, and close encounters are the basis for the National Geographic Channel’s new eight-part series “Chasing UFOs.”  Join a team of pioneering investigators as they push the limits to find the truth behind unexplained UFO sightings. Are we being watched? Is the government hiding information on UFO happenings? Can this team use science and technology to explain mysterious sightings or will the evidence truly be out of this world? These burning questions motivate the Chasing UFOs investigative team to travel far and probe deep into a number of strange encounters previously left unanswered.

Risking it all, the team investigates some of the most compelling UFO sightings in history and discover stunning new evidence that could change everything we believe about this mysterious phenomenon. Ryder, Ben and James push the limits of scientific exploration in their quest to learn the truth behind these incredible sightings. From the desert Southwest, to Florida’s space coast, to Mexico’s Sonora desert and the jungles of Brazil – Ryder, Ben and James risk everything to hunt down clues to explain this phenomenon. While investigating video of a possible UFO in New Mexico, the team ends up at the famed crash site in Roswell where they uncovered tantalizing evidence of a military cover-up. In Arizona while out surveying the skies, Ryder and the team spot a pulsing ring of lights that none of them can explain. Investigating a California military base rumored to be home to unexplained craft, the team is chased away by a mysterious fleet of helicopters. In the steamy jungles of Brazil, Ryder and the team battle the elements to visit the scene of a suspected crash only to find the truth is far stranger than any of them would have imagined. With its combination of adventure, travel and hard-hitting science, this series offers a radical new spin on this unexplained phenomenon. Instead of just stories, Ryder, Ben and James are out to get evidence. And what they uncover could change what we know and believe about another intelligence among the stars.

As a publicity stunt for the series, the National Geographic channel is crowd sourcing a greeting for any extraterrestrials who might be out there, listening, blasting those greetings into the wild black yonder.

Actor Jorge Garcia (“Lost”) recorded his own video for this occasion.  Done in a deadpan style, Garcia expresses his wants and desires in the face of a space alien invasion. It’s quite amusing.


What message would you want to broadcast to extraterrestrials?


“Chasing UFOs” Premieres Friday, June 29, at 9PM & 10PM et/pt followed by another all-new episode at 10P et/pt

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