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Mystery Girl #2 Review

28152Mystery Girl is one of the most unpredictable comic series out there and the irony of it is that it’s about a girl that knows everything. Paul Tobin leads the way for this new Dark Horse series and in my opinion, just about everything he writes can be turned into a TV series. The series is in its second issue and it’s a good one.

In Mystery Girl #2, Trine continues to solve everybody’s mysteries except for her own. (How she as the ability to know everything). As she continues to search for the answer, she gets caught up in a mystery of a frozen mammoth in Siberia. Just as she finally goes in search of the mammoth, she realizes that a killer is in search of her and has no clue as to why this killer wants her dead.

The series takes from the likes of Veronica Mars and iZombie. This issue doesn’t have much action but it has a lot of mystery (obviously…it’s in the name), for those who like the detective type of stories.

I really like the feel of the series so far because it’s unpredictable, has plenty of mystery, a bit of action and some humor to it. So it has something for everyone over the age of sixteen. The artwork from Alberto Albuquerque gives the story a unique style as it deserves.


If you’re looking for a new series, this is it. Issue #2 hits stands Jan.6, so you can get caught up pretty quickly.