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Fans have been eagerly awaiting the announcement of tickets for the highly anticipated film My Hero Academia: Two Heroes and luckily those screams have not fallen on deaf ears. Funimation announced yesterday that tickets are now on sale for the upcoming film. My Hero Academia is an action packed anime and manga from Kohei Horikoshi featuring a wide arrange of fantastically written characters and has since been praised by many for being the definitive series in recent memory.

The movie follows the series protagonist Izuku Midoriya as he and his mentor All Might are invited to an island where some of the most sophisticated scientific research is made. The movie is filled with fun banter, interesting back story behind All Might, and quite possibly one of the most uplifting endings to an anime film in quite some time. The film also holds a very large importance now that a certain moment has happened in the anime series making any action packed moment with All Might all the more special and I encourage any fan to catch up before watching the film. We got to watch the movie during Anime Expo and gave it a 9/10 citing a few dull moments but nothing that can stop the ever expanding hype that is My Hero Academia.

The film will be playing in theaters on September 25, 26, 27, 29 and October 2nd with a special premiere event in Los Angeles on September 13th.

Tickets for My Hero Academia: Two Heroes as well as a locator to find the closest theater near you can be found here.