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My Hero Academia Live Action Film Reportedly In Development By Legendary

It looks as though the immensely popular anime series My Hero Academia will be getting the live-action film treatment soon. On Wednesday, news broke that there are reportedly plans to bring the hit manga turned anime series My Hero Academia to the big screen as a live action film with Legendary Entertainment behind it all. Legendary is best known for their hand in Kong: Skull Island, Jurassic World, and the upcoming Detective Pikachu film starring Ryan Reynolds among several others.

No other news is known at the time other than the films production being led by Alex Garcia and Jay Ashenfelter while Ryosuke Yoritomi will be representing on behalf of Shueisha, a Japanese manga publisher.

My Hero Academia is a series that follows Izuku Mydoria, a boy born in a world where most of the population is born with powers called quirks. When he spends his life being told he will never become a hero due to him not developing a quirk he gets noticed by the number 1 super hero, All Might. As he goes to school to become a hero he meets a large list of students and heroes alike.

Given the fact that their latest film My Hero Academia: Two Heroes did tremendously in the box office, who knows how quickly we will see the production go along.

Source: Deadline