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‘My Hero Academia’ creator Kohei Horikoshi panel highlights from SDCC

At San Diego Comic-Con, fans of My Hero Academia were in for a huge treat as Viz Media brought a special guest to the convention, series creator Kohei Horikoshi.

If you were able to attend Anime Expo, you may have been one of the first people to watch the world premier of the film My Hero Academia: Two Heroes a month before the film releases in Japan (you can read our review of the film here) and at Comic-Con you had a chance to attend a panel as Horikoshi-Sensei talked about the huge popularity of the series, especially in the West.

One of the biggest pieces of news announced at the panel is the release of My Hero Academia: Two Heroes in theaters. The movie will have a limited five-day run across 400 theaters in North America and Canada starting September 25th. Fans will be able to watch the film with English dubs on September 25, 27 and 29 or in Japanese with English subtitles on September 26 and October 2nd. You can get more details at Funimation Films website.

At the panel, Kohei Horikoshi was joined by English voice actors Christopher Sabat (All Might) and Justin Briner (Izuku Midoriya). The room was absolutely packed, there weren’t any open seats and not everyone who had lined up hours before hand was able to get in because of so many fans wanted to be a part of this amazing panel. If you’ve honestly never seen the series, it’s a great time to start since season 3 is currently airing meaning you can catch up on season 1 and 2 on either Funimation.com or Crunchyroll.com. If you prefer reading the manga you can head to Viz.com where you can read the manga as well as the spin-off My Hero Academia: Vigilantes as well as order each individual volume of the manga to collect.

Kohei Horikoshi answered a few questions during the panel, here are a few of them:

How did you come with the idea of making a manga about super heroes?

I grew up watching super heroes in anime and manga. Those characters are something I always looked up to, so naturally I got into mangaka.

Since we are at SDCC, who is your favorite American super hero and why?


Which character in the series do you most relate to?


Horikoshi-Sensei also did a live drawing during the panel which was then given away to one lucky fan who was able to answer the question asked which was, who is Shoto Todoroki father?

It was a pretty crazy week that’s for sure especially over at the Viz booth.

While the Manga Replica shown above was on sale at Anime Expo it went quickly, same can be said about the Limited Edition Variant Vol. 1 and Pin set as well as the Limited Edition poster at San Diego Comic-Con as just getting to the line to shop booth as the hall opened was crazy. Never mind trying to get tickets for the autograph session, that was just insane and while I tried it never happened but I am glad to see that there are so many fans that attended Comic-Con that love the series.

If that wasn’t awesome enough, Horikoshi also posted a drawing he made afterwards on Twitter that reads, “To those who came to visit me at SDCC, I was really happy to hear your words and cheers! Since I didn’t speak English, and was so nervous, I might have failed to express it correctly, but your enthusiasm really did cheer me up. Thank you so much, I don’t think I would ever forget this moment in my life! To those I unfortunately didn’t have a chance to greet, I wish I could have! When possible, I’ll come again. Thank you so much for reading the Manga and watching the Anime of My Hero Academia! I hope you keep enjoying them!”

I’m hoping we see a lot more My Hero Academia related events in the future. The series is absolutely fantastic and a must watch so being able to see the creator as well as the people that bring the series to life is always something I look forward to!