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Must Watch Trailer – Vernon Wells in “Nowhere Else”

Namtar here…

Nuke the Fridge friend and actor Vernon Wells is in the upcoming feature “Nowhere Else.”  He produced and stars in this horror film, which is set in the Australian Outback.

Here is the storyline.

BASED AROUND A TRUE STORY: Four young film makers have just returned to Sydney after filming a successful surfing documentary. Two international film producers visiting Sydney, fund their next surfing documentary and send them down to film at the Great Australian Bite. On their way through the eerie landscapes and the wide open desert of the South Australian outback, they make a detour from the main road to seek food and shelter in a real one horse town called “Nowhere Else”. The film makers dine and stay for the night with an estranged man that owns a roadhouse in this dusty town. After an emotional and frightening experience, the film makers decide make a quick exit from the roadhouse. Soon after, their vehicle is immobilized by a flying object, which leaves them stranded in the barren desert. They find shelter for the rest of the night in an old abandoned church, which stands out of place in this barren landscape of nothing… Written by Danial Donai

Welcome to “NOWHERE ELSE.”  The trip of a lifetime takes a turn for the worse. Check out the trailer.


In addition, the phrase “Cryptid Bat” has been attached to the film? So, what are cryptids (think cryptozoology?)  Many cryptids which are described as “birds with monkey faces” or “men with wings” are most likely bats.

“Nowhere Else” had an April 30th, 2012 release date, and stars Dan Balcaban, Marco Dapper, Di Lesson, Rachael Murphy, John Reynolds, Vernon Wells, and William Wensley.  The film is written and directed Danial Donai.

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