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Caliburn24 here at Kryptonopolis.

The new trailer for Man of Steel reveals more of the Krypton side of the new film. It has Jor-El, Russell Crowe, looking on as a city is being attacked. Jor-El’s voice is heard, “Every person can be a force for good.” It appears to be an overthrow led by Zod, played by Michael Shannon, with Antje Traue as Faora-Ul with his soldiers. There is also a scene where Kal-El is being born and looks to be taken directly into the capsule. He was always an infant on Krypton, but his exact birth has never been covered. The capsule looks like a techno-organic pod which launches while Jor-El looking up.

It passes what seems like the barn of the Kents and it doesn’t crash, but seems to hover. A ship, the capsule looks smaller, descends. A scene is shown where Superman, he’s played by Henry Cavill as if you didn’t already know, confronts armed forces. The “You” and “Alone” messages are broadcast on computer screens and cell phones. Christopher Meloni’s Colonel Nathan Hardy is seen briefly. Superman sees Lois, played by Amy Adams, trapped in a capsule. Jets fire on the Kryptonian vessels. It looks like Zod and Superman are going for the big beat down. Faora-Ul has Ma Kent, played by Diane Lane, in a choke hold. This ends with Jor-El telling Superman, “You can save them. You can save all of them.” The film has already made $170 million in promotional dollars. Man of Steel opens on June 14th.

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