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Mother 3 Is Not Coming West – Too Controversial According to Industry Insider

As long as Mother 3 has been in existence, it has been a Japan-only title. With English text only coming via fan translations/ emulators.

When the third entry in the series came to the Gameboy advanced, many fans have wanted an official Western release with official translation and support.

Unfortunately fans are being faced with insider knowledge that this game will more than likely never come to the west. According to Imran Khan (Senior editor for Game Informer) via a recent thread on ResetEra…


As a Senior Editor at Game Informer, one has to imagine he has contacts at Nintendo that would disclose this information.


The next logical question is, what would the controversy entail? incorrect translations? social/political issues? Sadly, just like those of us who have never played Mother 3, we may never know.


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