Monster Wasting Its Energy Bullying People!

If you’re unfamiliar with pop culture conventions, they are places where fans gather to escape from their everyday lives, have fun, met celebrities, and most importantly gather with people with similar interest. Usually, these events are 3 days long lasting anywhere from 8 to 12 hours. With so much cool stuff happening, many turn to energy drinks such as Monster Energy to get an extra dose of caffeine so they can enjoy the many aspects of these events.

In a ridiculous turn of events, the corporate giant (Monster Energy Drinks) has lost its mind and thinks it owns the word “Monster” by going after the Mad Monster Party convention. The company is claiming that the word “Monster” will create confusion between the brands (insert laugh track).

So @monsterenergy is suing us (and seemingly everyone else using the word “monster” in their business). They claim our fans are confused, coming to our show to buy some of their energy drinks. You know, #MonsterEnergy …the ones that got hit with #WrongfulDeath lawsuits where their consumers sued them citing #MonsterEnergyDrink literally killed people because they are so bad for you… them. In an effort to help distinguish our brands “Mad Monster” and “Mad Monster Party” has never been accused of literally killing our fans and we never initiated bully lawsuits to take ownership of the word “Monster”. They even tried to crush an indie #CraftSoda company @drinkthunderbeast over the word “beast” because Monster Energy used the word “beast” in advertising. Really?! In my opinion, the only words #MonsterEnergy are taking ownership of are #Bully and #Douchey …oh, and #Lame …definitely lame. Please share and let your favorite Monster Businesses know that a #MonsterBully may be coming for them next. #MadMonster #MadMonsterParty #MonsterKids #Monster #Monsters #Horror #SciFi #FuckBullies #ImaMadMonster

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As a big fan of capitalism myself, this is the kind of stuff that makes the system look bad. Instead of concentrating on providing the best events possible, the Mad Monster staff now has to fend off these ridiculous accusations.

Let me close with a few other questions:

Does this company also have the right to ask Godzilla to change his name since he is dubbed king of the “monsters?”

Does the company also own the word “energy” and “drinks?”

Why stop there?