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Monster Hunter is The Next DLC Character Coming to MARVEL VS CAPCOM: INFINITE

Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite just released this past Tuesday and we already have our first look at gameplay for one of the previously rumored DLC characters.

It’s not surprising to see Monster Hunter as one of the playable characters coming to the game alongside previously revealed characters like Black Panther and Sigma. Back at San Diego Comic-Con, Capcom revealed Valkanda a mix of Marvel’s Wakanda ruled by Black Panther and Val Habar from Monster Hunter 4 which gave the character joining the roster more credibility.

Monster Hunter is a pretty interesting character equipped with short swords, a large sword, and arrows (which only seem to be used in one of her supers, currently). You can watch the new trailer below:

It’s nice to see new characters added to the game and Monster Hunter is a welcome addition. No word on when Capcom plans on adding the new DLC characters into the game.