MLB 14 The Show Set to Explode on PS4

Bat Boy!

America’s pastime, baseball, has many stadiums among its thirty active teams in MLB. But no other sport celebrates these venues like baseball. They aren’t just stadiums, they’re cathedrals where fans worship the luster and history of the sport. In this next generation of gaming, Sony San Diego is looking to capture not only the look of these stadiums but to also digitize the soul inside them.

In a video released today, the developer chronicles just how many little nuances are going into creating thirty stadiums in MLB 14 The Show for PS4. Each stadium will have a life of its own. A new lighting engine, a nearly 10x increase in polygon count and over 1,000 unique character crowd models bring these stadiums to life. Specular maps will take full advantage of the added memory inside the PS4, adding unimaginable depth. Plus the addition of Bat Boys to the game, just try not to hit them.

Check out the video below and get ready as MLB 14 will be available on the PS4 May 6, 2014