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Mike Colter Describes LUKE CAGE as a ‘darker, grittier, more tangible’ Hero


Marvel character Luke Cage will finally make his way to the Marvel Cinematic Universe when he first appears on Marvel’s A.K.A. Jessica Jones Netflix series, before getting a series of his own and which will ultimately lead up into the team-up series The Defenders. Mike Colter who plays Luke Cage, sat down with The List and describes Luke Cage as much as he could without giving anything away.

Marvel actually gives you a special training class in how not to say too much in interviews [laughs]. We’re in the middle of shooting AKA Jessica Jones and Luke Cage is a very interesting character who just happens to have super strength and unbreakable skin. He’s a neighbourhood hero, very much linked to New York and Jessica Jones. It’s all part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe but Luke Cage is a darker, grittier, more tangible character than Iron Man or Thor. He likes to keep things close to his chest, operate on the hush-hush. He has these abilities but he’s not sure how and when to use them. He’s a very nuanced character.

Marvel’s first Netflix series out of the four will be Daredevil, which begins streaming April 10.