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Mighty Goose Review: A Honkin’ Good Time

Move over Untitled Goose Game there’s a new player in town. First revealed back in 2019 Mighty Goose is a sidescrolling run and gun shooter developed by Blastmode and MP2 games the game follows Mighty Goose as he voyages through space to defeat the Void King.

From the trailers alone it reminds me a lot of fellow run and gun title Metal Slug so as I loaded up the game for the first time on my Nintendo Switch I was unaware of the adventure I would be embarking on.

Reviewed on Nintendo Switch


The gameplay for Mighty Goose is very simple yet well done. You are a goose tasked with shooting enemies to reach your objective. Throughout the game through traveling you encounter not only typical side scrolling areas but arena stages and fast paced vehicle action as well. The action throughout this game is surprisingly at breakneck speed meaning there is never a dull moment in the vastness of space.

One moment you’re rescuing a friend from a space prison, the next you are dropped into a deadly colosseum full of murderous enemies and the only way to survive is to defeat the planet’s champion. There is a lot to love about the nearly tangible effort and love put into this game. There are just the right amount of enemies and your moves are just powerful enough to mow them down with a challenge.

Levels in Mighty Goose are impressive and just the right length to allow for some sporadic sessions according to your schedule with the secondary goal being to get the highest rank you can achieve. This game in particular benefits from a second playthrough and the addition of ranking is an absolute plus.

The further you progress through the game the more chips you can use to modify Mighty Goose. These power ups aren’t the only things you can get to assist you on your voyage however. Mighty Goose can bring a companion with him starting with everyone’s favorite sidekick Regular Duck(who is otherwise worthless) but I do promise that later teammates do offer unique abilities such as dropping ammo.

I feel like there aren’t enough of these and at a certain point you hit a ceiling for power ups and companions.

As far as I know the only thing that separates Mighty Goose from AAA titles such as The Last Of Us Part 2 is that the latter does not have a honking button. Score one for the goose.


If I had to describe Mighty Goose I would say that it is one of the nicest looking GBA-esque titles ever. There’s just something about the sharp graphics that put this above Super Nintendo but not complicated enough to consider it a 32 bit experience. It’s in that perfect Shovel Knight territory where environments are beautiful and shooting isn’t heavy on the eyes.

Mighty Goose himself is mighty expressive with a simple design by Blastmode and MP2 that keeps him radiating with ridiculous personality nomatter the situation. Mighty Goose seems calm and collected each time he picks up a shotgun while in a vehicle he dons the goggles to become the most threatening goose I have seen in a video game in quite some time.

The music in the game feels almost like an homage to run and gun titles of the past having distinct tracks for areas that are require fast pace and accelerated Goose action. For a quick breakdown of the game’s composer, Dominic Ninmark also helped create music for Moonrider, Blazing Chrome, and Gravity Circuit.


Mighty Goose is one of my favorite games of 2021 thus far. Like the worlds greatest cake, the time and love the developers put into this game is extremely noticeable from the very start until the very end. The humor is light and funny without being overbaring, the characters themselves don’t wear out their welcome.

Overall Mighty Goose is the perfect game for the price and time you put in whether it’s in one go or one planet at a time. It definitely fits the bill. . . get it?

Nuke The Fridge Score: 9/10