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Microsoft’s “Duke” Controller is back and it will run you $70

Nostalgia is a very powerful tool, we’ve seen it most recently with Nintendo’s release of the NES and SNES Classic and for years now we’ve seen various game companies releasing HD collections or remakes because it works, pretty well.

There are things though that you question if they really need to return this day and age, or if they should have been made in the first place. For sometime we’ve heard about Hyperkin working to release the original Xbox Controller known as the Duke. The giant bulky controller for many like me was very uncomfortable to use and made playing at times difficult.

Well if you missed the Duke and feel the need to play your Xbox One or even PC games with the giant controller this March, Hyperkin will be releasing the Duke Controller reported CNET. The controller will run you $70 and will also include an OLED screen in the center where the original Xbox Logo which will play the original Xbox startup animation via a video file.

Source: CNET