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Microsoft announces it will be shutting down Mixer, teaming up with Facebook Gaming

If you can’t beat your enemies join them and that is exactly what’s happening as Microsoft announced today as it revealed that come July 22nd, it will be shutting down it’s streaming site Mixer.

July 22nd is when the site shuts down completely but as of today, well things are already rolling with Microsoft looking to move all of the Mixer Streamers to Facebook Live Gaming where they will be given partner status as the platform will, “match all existing Partner agreements as closely as possible.”

This comes as a huge surprise especially as it was just last year that popular streamer Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins left Twitch to exclusively stream on Mixer after a pretty lucrative offer was made. After the announcement, it was revealed that Ninja and other streamers who were on a similar contract have all been released from their contract meaning that they can return to Twitch if they so choose to.

his means a lot of streamers who called Mixer their home will have to make the choice of moving to Facebook, Youtube Gaming or going to Twitch and we wish them all the best.