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MegaMan 11

Mega Man 11 Demo live now on Nintendo Switch, Bounce Man revealed

Mega Man 11 arrives on October 2nd but you don’t have to wait very long to get a taste of the action. Right now you can download the Mega Man 11 demo on your Nintendo Switch via the Nintendo eShop and later on today the demo will also be available for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The demo features three different three different difficulty settings: Newcomer, Casual and Normal to select from and features Block Man’s stage. It’s the same demo that was playable back at E3 and San Diego Comic-Con with one added bonus, you start off with two different robot master abilities, Pile Driver and Scramble Thunder.

Also announced was the next Mega Man 11 Robot Master, Bounce Man.

Originally an exercise instructor, Bounce Man’s brightly-colored body and friendly appearance have made him a smash hit with children and adults alike. Despite taking over an indoor wonderland as his own personal playground, Bounce Man still views everything as a playful game, bouncing off the walls with joy the moment Mega Man enters his chamber. Before you reach this rubbery robot, you’ll have to hop to it and navigate your way through the vibrant Boing-Boing Park.

You can read more about Bounce Man and the Bust Block Man Challenge Capcom is holding at the Capcom-Unity page.