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Meet tripleclix – building brand and studio relations for the benefit of gamers

It’s amazing to see just how far gaming really has grown in the last two decades thanks to new technology, the rapid growth of eSports, streaming sites like Twitch.Tv and YouTube Live, so much that it’s a huge part of our society now. It’s become pretty common to see more and more companies throwing their names to cross promote with companies, we’ve seen companies like Doritos, Rockstar Energy Drink, Redbull, even fast food companies giving out free codes for DLC codes for some of the biggest game releases.

It takes a lot of work to get these types of collaborations to happen, more than a decade ago you would almost never see this happening in the video game industry outside of maybe racing and sports games but it’s something we see a lot more frequently. Something that was originally focused towards television and movies is now something you see appearing more in gaming.

You’d think it would take a major company with decades of experience to make these things happen but you’d be wrong, while experience is important you also need passion to succeed. One company that’s making a huge impact when it comes to game promotions is one you’ve more than likely never heard of, but if you were trying to win an Xbox One X at Taco Bell before it was officially released you can thank tripleclix for that.

Recently I had the chance to have a phone interview with Chris Erb, who works as the Managing Partner of tripleclix. A gamer himself, Chris has a pretty awesome background previously working at Wizards of the Coast for five years working on D&D, Pokemon, Star Wars, and NeoPet. After leaving Wizards of the Coast, Chris would then spend the next 10 years working at EA SPORTS running Madden NFL and the EA SPORTS Brand and in 2013, Chris would then join Legendary Pictures as EVP of Brand Marketing and a year later would return to the video game industry and co-founded a strategic marketing agency named tripleclix. Chris saw the movie space was full of cross -promotions and knew that he could bring that to the gaming scene.

At 45, Chris has had a pretty amazing career and has used his vast experience to build brand and studio relations for the benefit of gamers. During our conversation he talked about working at EA and working for Doritos to iron out a deal that would let fans pick the cover of the upcoming Madden game, which was a challenge at first because something like this was never done before.

I had to ask, when it comes to working on promotions for companies what are the most important things to him? He replied, “The two most important things we think about for promotions are authenticity and value. How do we make promotions authentic to consumers and deliver value to them. Ask less, deliver more.”

One of tripleclix‘s recent promotions saw a collaboration between Microsoft’s Forza Motorsport 7 and Ford which saw the addition of a specially designed F-150 added to the game. “The specially designed F-150 joins the lineup of more than 700 cars in the game which showcases 60 frames per second racing on all Xbox One platforms and native 4K support on Xbox One X. With a custom livery based on Xbox One X’s codename “Project Scorpio” and numerous performance-minded upgrades, this Raptor is ready to intimidate all opponents in Forza Motorsport 7.” Chris continued, “While the truck is significantly taller than stock – over 93 inches tall (2.3 meters) on 38 inch BF Goodrich Krawler T/A tires – the team behind the Xbox One X Raptor still wanted it to retain the race truck’s Baja-tested performance characteristics. The Raptor’s livery was designed by illustrator Hydro74 and features a stylized “Project Scorpio” scorpion motif. Look closely and you can see that the scorpion’s body includes many details from Xbox One X, including the thumb sticks, d-pad, and ABXY buttons.

We talked a little bit about the Taco Bell promotion from last year that gave away an Xbox One X nearly every 10 minutes. One thing Chris mentioned was that they saw that certain consumers were smart about when they were entering codes at like 3:45 in the morning to with Xbox One X for better chances. This mean they had a better chance rather than the rest of the day which could see thousands of people entering their codes to win.

It’s impressive to see just how many companies tripleclix has worked with including Microsoft, Sega, The Video Game Awards and Ubisoft just to name a few. It’s definitely a company you want to keep an eye out in the future for, you never know who might be attending one of their events and not even know it.

Overall, triplexclix wants consumers to feel rewarded, I know I feel happy whenever I get a code to unlock some cool stuff for buying a bag of chips or a drink I already planned on buying in the first place.