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Meet the ‘Avengers NOW!’ Team



The big moves made by Marvel looks to have shaped up the all new “Avengers NOW” team. Female Thor, Sam Wilson Captain America, and The Superior Iron Man, will be a core part of the new team.

Meet the new team:


Top row left to right:

Medusa, Scarlet Witch, Superior Iron Man, Dr. Strange, Ant-Man

Bottom row left to right: Winter Soldier, Angela, Thor (female), Captain America (Sam Wilson), Inferno, Deathlok.

The “Avengers NOW” will begin their solo stories in the fall and will “play a prominent role in the Marvel Universe going into 2015.”

As for “The Superior Iron Man,” he will have a new suit with an “apple influence.” It is still Tony Stark, but is described as a “character that’s hard to root for.”

Here is a better look at The Superior Iron Man:



I kind of dig the new look of the team, other than Iron Man. Will you guys be reading the series?


Source: Entertainment Weekly