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MediEvil Trailer Shows Off Sir Dans Second Chance At Glory

During Playstations digital showcase series called State Of Play, fans were met with several trailers for upcoming Playstation games including one for the previously announced remake of MediEvil. This trailer shows off the story of Sir Daniel Fortesque, a respected knight who was cut down embarrassingly early in the battle against Zarok yet received the glory of defeating the evil wizard.

Many years later Zarok returns and brings back the dead, including Sir Dan. As Dan awakens with just one eye after taking a deadly head shot in the original battle, he has a second chance at becoming the hero he was meant to be.

MediEvil was released on PS1 back in 1998. The series would lay dorment for almost 20 years until being revived during PSX in Anaheim in 2018.

Sir Daniel Fortesque will get his second chance at glory when MediEvil releases on PS4 on October 25th.

There will also be a ‘Deluxe Digital Edition’ that comes with the game, soundtrack, The Art Of MediEvil, digital comic, dynamic theme, and extra armor set.