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MediEvil PS4 Remake Receives First Trailer, Set to Release in 2019

Sony today, on Halloween, released the first trailer for the upcoming PS4 remake of MediEvil.

This is the first time that we have actually seen footage from the remake since it was announced last year. This first trailer shows off the game’s protagonist Sir Daniel in all of his new 4K glory in addition to showing off a fair amount of different gameplay sequences.

Perhaps the best part of this trailer though is that it bounces between the old style graphics from the PS1 and the new visuals as seen on the PS4. This is obviously something they should showcase, but it again emphasizes just how far we’ve come over the last twenty years.

Lastly, at the trailer’s conclusion, it confirms that MediEvil is slated to release at some point next year in 2019.

You can view the new MediEvil trailer below.