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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have Iron Man & the Hulk team up without the rest of The Avengers? Can you imagine a huge green monster filled with rage & a billionaire, genius playboy with a huge ego in the same room together? Well with the new Marvel’s Iron Man & Hulk: Heroes United, you will get to see how it turns out!

In Iron Man & Hulk: Heroes United, Iron Man & Hulk have to stop an unstoppable energy force which was made up from Hulk’s & Abomination’s Gamma Rays & is known as “Zzzax.” Zzzax threatens to destroy the earth, which is what brings our two heroes together.

This animated film is almost literally, non-stop action right from beginning to start. There’s always some kind of action happening. Even during normal conversations between Iron Man & the Hulk, someone is throwing punches or shooting beams as Hulk‘s rage & Iron Man‘s ego collide a couple of times. It almost felt like the whole film was one fight after another. During the movie, I kept thinking that the movie was about to end but just when you think it’s finished, more & more keep getting thrown at Iron Man & Hulk which was a good thing because it made the movie a decent length & get this, you get to see Hulk dawn his very own “Hulk buster suit” made by Tony Stark. I know it sounds weird because why would the massive, rage filled monster need a suit for? Well you will find out & the idea of him wearing it is pretty awesome.


The computer animation in this film reminded me a lot of the 2003 Spider-Man series that aired on MTV mixed with the 90‘s Reboot series, just a bit more ramped up. There are also scenes in the film that resemble a video game. My preference is the 2-D cartoon like animation as opposed to the computer animation, but that’s just me.



The bonus features were my favorite part about this Blu-ray combo pack. There’s an interview with Joe Quesada, (Marvel’s Chief Creative Officer) called Marvel Team-Up. Joe Q & Ryan Penagos aka Agent M on Twitter, discuss Joe Q’s love for Spider-Man & also how the super team The Avengers were put together.

Other bonus features that were included with the Blu-ray/DVD combo pack, were the hilarious Marvel Mash-Ups, which bring back retro animated cartoons that a lot of us grew up on & revamp them with hilarious voiceovers. Also you can see a little sneak peak of the upcoming Lego Marvel Super Heroes video game as well as the newest Pixar film Frozen.

My overall review of Marvel’s Iron Man & Hulk: Heroes United was that the action was great but I do wish there would have been a little break in between fights so it could tell more of a story. My favorite part of the film was seeing the Hulk in his Hulk buster suit & even cracking jokes about it. I do wish that they would have shown David Banner but you know the saying that goes, “no one ever wants to see David Banner. They want the Hulk.” Well I’m one of the few that would have liked to see him. As for the bonus features, they were my favorite part about this Blu-ray combo pack. The only thing that would stop me from waiting for this movie to come out on Netflix (assuming it will be) is that Netflix won’t have those awesome bonus features.

Marvel’s Iron Man & Hulk: Heroes United comes out on Blu-ray/DVD & digital download, Dec. 3.