‘Marvel’s Ant-Man’ In-Home Release Press Event Recap

This past Tuesday, Marvel and Disney held a press event for the in-home release of Marvel’s Ant-Man, (which comes to Blu-ray combo pack and DVD on Dec. 8). The event was held at the world famous Walt Disney Studios in Burbank CA. The day was filled with all kinds of awesome Ant-Man secrets and news.

First, we started our day in the F.G. Wells Theater where the press watched some of the bonus features from the blu-ray, on the big screen. After that, a Q & A was held inside the theatre with director Peyton Reed and production designer Shepherd Frankel. During the Q & A, the two gave out some secrets as to how some of the scenes where shot and even talked a bit about the Ant-Man sequel. Reed revealed that the sequel will have a lot of other aspects that the first one has not or barely just touched on and that it’s going to be a “much weirder movie.”

After the Q & A, I had the great privilege of doing one-on-one interviews with both Reed and Frankel. Click here for the Reed interview and here for the Frankel interview. During the interview with Reed, he shared a bit of news on the Ant-Man sequel and talked about the tone of the first film.

After our interview and lunch break, we had the opportunity to take some cool photos in front of a giant Ant-Man coffee mug, giant spoon and giant sugar cubes. This concluded the Ant-Man press event and as you can tell, I had a great time.

Chris Salce


Marvel’s Ant-Man is out now on digital HD and you can own the Blu-ray combo pack and DVD Dec.8. Stay tuned to Nuke the Fridge for the review of the Blu-ray combo pack.

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