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MARVEL VS CAPCOM: INFINITE’S Limited Edition Infinity Stones Leave Much to Be Desired

When you’re about to spend $200 on a Limited Edition anything, you want to know what your are getting. When Capcom revealed that they were releasing a massive Limited Edition of their upcoming fighter, Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite fans were pretty excited seeing that it would include four 1/10 scale statues of X, Chun-Li, Iron-Man and Captain Marvel along with a small box containing “dynamic replicas” of the Infinity Stones.

Well, Triforce must have used a reality stone because the original concept shown looks nothing like the final product. Instead we get this…

Original image by Eventhubs

Not exactly what was advertised is it? Rather than vibrant looking jewels, it looks more like someone glued a few plastic Easter eggs in a box and added a few LED lights for effect. I can’t say I was expecting anything out of this world (it would have been nice, if it looked more like a crystal as shown in the concept) but this is just . Needless to say people aren’t happy about this and have begun voicing their disappointment on social media. Needless to say I canceled my Limited Edition pre-order for the Deluxe Edition and save myself around $110.

Don’t let this take away from the game, while it’s not perfect and looks like an upscale from Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 with most of the roster returning, it’s a pretty fun game to play. Stay tuned for our review of the game once we’ve played a few hundred matches.