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Marvel Planning To Expand Their TV Presence

Four new shows and a miniseries are in the works at Marvel.


It’s been less than one month since Marvel launched their Agents of SHIELD television show, but it seems some big plans for expansion are already in the works.

Deadline is reporting that Marvel are quietly putting together a package of four new live-action drama series and a miniseries that would be sold together to one outlet. The entire commitment is said to be for 60 episodes, which would be shopped to various VOD and cable outlets, with Deadline naming Amazon, Netflix and WGN America as potential candidates. Marvel has already gained some interest from some of the aforementioned outlets and this is with these series being in the earliest stages of development with no talent names attached.

While a sixty episode commitment for most studios is unheard of, Marvel as a brand is an attention grabber. Any outlet looking to build their name would gain an instant audience of millions of Marvel’s fans. With the success of the films and the SHIELD TV show, Marvel will no doubt be able to choose from ravenous outlets looking to swoon the studios programing. This also shows that Marvel wouldn’t have to stay directly under the Disney networks umbrella and could branch out its ideas to other outlets.

Personally, I’d love to see one of these series be an adaptation of Brian K. Vaughn’s Runaways.

Sound off. What shows could should Marvel build with a 60 episode deal?