Which Marvel Film Will Go Up Against SUPERMAN and Batman?


For years, DC & Marvel have been going at it through the comic world & more recently, the cinematic world. The battle has gone on since before a lot of us were born, up until now with the upcoming Superman/Batman movie which has the release date of May 6, 2016. Marvel has said they will also be releasing a film on that same release date & will not back down. That battle has been going on for months. Marvel has not yet said which movie will go up against Superman & Batman but The Hollywood Reporter may have the answer.

THR reports that the film that will go up against the caped crusader & the last son of Krypton is…Captain America 3.



This is according to insiders of THR. Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige, has not yet confirmed this.

Captain America 3 has been said to be in the plans for Marvel’s phase 3. Directors Anthony & Joe Russo are in talks to return for the third installment.

Source: THR