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Millions are playing the very popular Facebook/ mobile game “Marvel: Avengers Alliance,” with dozens of Marvel characters to choose from, characters from the more known Magneto to lesser known Squirrel Girl (who has actually beaten Wolverine before.) This game is an ever changing game to help satisfy it’s gamers, comic book readers, as well as bring in newer fans. MTV has announced that the game will soon include Captain America: The Winter Soldier, as well as introduce the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Marvel’s VP of Games Production TQ Jefferson had this to say:

We bring familiar elements and characters from the movies and the comic books, and use them in a unique way that all players can get behind. Regardless of their level of Marvel knowledge. It’s a really huge, unique, evolving world, and it’s growing all the time.”

When it comes to bringing in the current Marvel films into the game, this isn’t the first time it has happened. As we have seen suits from Iron Man 3, Avengers, & Captain America.

Alex Irvine, the writer for MAA, does a great job of pulling the essence of each of these storylines into the game and tuning them to the game’s universe,” Jefferson continued. “We also have access to the theatrical and publishing teams at Marvel. Everyone works closely together to bring out the best story in the game and make the characters and interactions come to life.

“The Winter Solider” storyline/ missions will hit Facebook later this month.

When it comes to the soon to be very popular Guardians of the Galaxy, each character of the team will be introduced to the game one at a time. Jefferson went on to discuss the introduction of the team to the game:

While we can’t talk too much about the story of how the Guardians fit into the game’s overall narrative, we’ll get a chance to get to focus on the whole team in some upcoming content, With that focus dedicated to the team the hope is that it will all integrate really well. We’re really excited about expanding MAA into the cosmic Marvel Universe.”

You’ve got Groot, who is a massive tree and is very physical and monstrous like The Hulk, Rocket is going to pack a lot of heat with the array of guns he has available. You’ve got Gamora, an assassin and the deadliest woman in the known universe. Drax has a couple of big knives and is just as dangerous as Gamora. Then you have Star-Lord, the swashbuckler, who plays the lead role on the team. He’ll have an array of abilities, he’s pretty versatile.

Here is some artwork for the upcoming characters:

winter_soldier_1_full_01The Winter Soldier

captain_america5_full_01Captain America Winter Soldier Suit


batroc1_full_01Batroc the Leaper


rocketRocket Raccoon

gamora MAAGamora


draxmaaDrax the Destroyer

Source: MTV, Marvel