Mark Wahlberg in Talks for “Transformers 4”

Dirk Diggler vs. the Decepticons! This could be a possibility. Last week we reported that director Michael Bay was looking to cast a female lead in the fourth installment of the highly successful Transformers’ franchise, which follows the struggle between the Autobots and their enemies the Decepticons. Apparently, a rumor on that front may have been just that… a rumor. Now, actor Mark Wahlberg (“Boogie Nights”) is in early negotiations with Bay and Paramount Pictures to star in “Transformers 4.”

Wahlberg is a solid bankable star, who brings a down to earth quality to his characters. He has an established repoire with Bay and Paramount considering they were all recently involved in making the low budget body building drama “Pain and Gain.”

Ehren Kruger, who wrote the second and third Transformers’ film scripts, will write the screenplay for the upcoming feature. Rumor (again) dictates that the story will center on an adult and his teenage offspring. It is said that Wahlberg is in negotiations for the adult role, while the part of the teenager will be more of a sidekick in order to establish a lead for any additional sequels.

There is no word of when “Transformers 4″ will go into production, but it is scheduled to open in theaters on June 27th, 2014. No parts have been cast at this time. Ehren Kruger wrote the screenplay, while Michael Bay directs.

Source: twitch