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MANGLEHORN_Poster_27x40_Final.inddManglehorn is a story about a locksmith A.J. Manglehorn (Al Pacino) who is a lonely man still refusing to let “the one that got away,” go. As he remains fixated on this former love Clara, he doesn’t quite pay attention to anything else but his cat. This causes Manglehorn to not have the best relationship with his son and can also miss out on the possibility of having another shot at love. For the first half of the film, it has you wondering if there is a point to the film and makes you feel kind of depressed, though the last 40 minutes of the film almost saves it a bit.

I’m a huge Al Pacino fan and as soon as I seen him on the poster to this film, I was automatically intrigued by it. By looking at the poster, I assumed that it may be a dark comedy but I was only half right. It was just dark and sad for most of the film. For the first hour of the film, you get that Manglehorn is this very lonely, miserable and depressed person. That’s all that you get from the first hour. For that first hour, I was wondering if the film was even going anywhere and had a point to it. I know that depression isn’t just something you snap out of all of a sudden but it felt like the misery of watching A.J. Manglehorn, drug on for a bit too long. Not sure if you can put that on the director David Gordon Green or the writer Paul Logan.

The last 40 minutes, I finally seen that the film was going somewhere. Holly Hunter’s character, Dawn, comes into the picture more and the interaction between the two was very interesting to watch. You seen that Dawn was starting to develop feelings for Manglehorn and just as you think that Manglehorn’s feelings would be the same towards her, he dismisses her feelings and crushes her heart by just talking about the one that got away.


Al Pacino nails the role as you would expect. I know it sounds funny saying that he played a depressed and lonely person really well but how else would I put it? Holly Hunter also did a good job at her role. Dawn’s and Manglehorn’s relationship and interaction really saved the film.


The ending of the film was actually really good. It almost had you kind of thinking “what just happened?” But I quickly realized the meaning of it. To me, I felt like that the fact that Manglehorn’s imagination and playfulness was coming back, that it meant he was working his way out of the misery.

If you can get through the first hour of the movie, it is actually an alright movie. The acting is good and the relationships of the characters keep you interested. I think it may have worked better as a dark comedy in my opinion, because I think it would have had you feel more emotion towards the film.

I give Manglehorn 6 fridges out of 10.

Manglehorn releases June 19.