Caliburn24 here at LexCorp.

Man of Steel opened to a $125.1 million box office which places it a bit behind Iron Man 3. The film scored an impressive $74.1 million in the overseas box office so it’s safe to say a sequel is being planned.The shocker is that Warner Bros is planing for the film to be released in 2014. You heard right… NEXT YEAR!

But it get’s better – Justice League will be tailgating Superman 2 in 2015.

Here’s what Dan Fellman, Warner Bros. President of domestic distribution said to the Wall Street Journal,

“It’s more than just a franchise for us, it really opens the door to do combinations of the DC Comics characters.” 

So Man of Steel opens in theaters 2014 and Justice League hits in 2015. 

Is that to soon? Let us know what you think below!