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MAMA Sound Off and Review!

official-movie-site-for-mama-a-film-by-andresContributor, DREW XIII, has sent us a review of the horror movie Mama.  Read it then tell us what you thought of the film!

“MAMA,” by famous director Guillermo Del Toro who’s work includes the highly popular “Pans Labyrinth” and the “Devil’s Backbone,” is the newest ghost story by the Spanish director.

“Mama” is a story about two young girls who are stolen away by their father after he kills their mother. Getting away, they pass through an icy gorge where they slip and are forced off the side of a cliff and crash. The girls and their murderous father exit the vehicle and walk into the snowy forest where they approach an old abandon cabin. The girls keep themselves entertained while their father is debating between living or taking his life along with the girls. We then see the girls but this time their father’s gun is visible behind the oldest. Just before he is about to pull the trigger, a dark ambiance enters the room and steals him away into the forest. The oldest sister, Victoria, must now care for her youngest sister, Lillie, alone in the forest, but how alone are they?

We meet Uncle Lucas, an innovative artist living with his bass player girlfriend, Annabel. Lucas has been searching for his missing brother and his nieces just as we learn Lucas can’t finance a search any longer, they are found. The girls are cared for and then after a court settlement Lucas and Annabel look after the girls. Annabel, very displeased with leaving her regular rock star lifestyle, must learn to take care for the pair of wild girls and love them as Lucas does. What Lucas and Annabel don’t realize is that after bringing the girls into their new home, they also brought something else with them. Something very evil and full of dark energy. As if raising a family wasn’t hard enough, they now have to deal with the girl’s long time protector, Mama.

In this movie we find out just how strong a mother’s love really is. Guillermo Del Toro does it again with yet another chilling ghost tale. The film is PG-13 and is based on a scary short by Andy and Barbara Muschietti, who also produced the film.

With a scale of 1-10 being that 1 means, “Would never recommend and is a waste of money,” and 10 being, “Highly recommended and should go watch now!”
I say it is a high 8! Only because people who expect to be scared may be disappointed. This is coming from a Horror Movie lover like myself, this is not going to scare you out of your seat but it will give you the chills and may spook you with a couple of very suspenseful scenes.