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Make-A-Wish and Saban Brands Help Six Kids Become Power Rangers at POWER MORPHICON

Photo Credit: Getty Images Saban Brands

For years, the Make-A-Wish foundation has granted thousands of wishes of children that have life-threatening medical conditions. Make-A-Wish believes that a wish experience, can be a “game-changer.” The passed weekend at Power Morphicon, Make-A-WIsh teamed up with Saban Brands to help six kids become Junior Power Rangers for a day. I was lucky enough and honored to be a part of this day. Here is how the experience was…

Saturday morning kicked off with the kids getting introduced to the Morphicon crowd, by Alex Heartman (Red Ranger from Power Rangers Samurai). The crowd cheered as each name was announced. The Power Rangers Super Megaforce came out to congratulate the kids on becoming Junior Power Rangers. All of a sudden…the bad guys show up to try to ruin the day but the Power Rangers Super Megaforce team got rid of these bad guys, thanks to the help of the Junior Power Rangers team!

Saban's Power Rangers At Power Morphicon 2014
Photo Credit: Getty Images-Saban Brands



Saban's Power Rangers At Power Morphicon 2014
Photo Credit: Getty Images-Saban Brands

After the amazing performance from the Power Rangers both Junior and Super Megaforce, the kids got to open up Morphicon by cutting the red ribbon.

After a hard morning of saving the earth, the junior rangers went over to Noor restaurant across the street for some breakfast with not only the media but the Power Rangers Super Megaforce team. The kids got to meet the rangers that they fought side by side with and get their picture taken with them as well as autographs from the group.

Power Rangers Super Megaforce (John Mark Loudermilk (Blue Ranger), Ciara Hanna (Yellow Ranger), Andrew M. Gray (Red Ranger), Cameron Jebo (Silver Ranger), Azim Risk (Green Ranger), Christina Masterson (Pink Ranger).


At the breakfast, I got to talk to a few of the Junior Power Rangers and asked them how it was like to be Power Rangers and how they learned those moves so quickly.

Meet brothers George and Jonah Coleman.

(Left) George Coleman IV and (right) Jonah Coleman

I asked them how it felt like to beat up the bad guys, they both said “it was fun!” As I spent some time with these two, we realized that we had quite a few things in common. Not only do they love the Power Rangers, but also the two love Star Wars and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Both are two of my biggest fandoms as well. They have Star Wars and Ninja Turtles all over their room. Sounds like an awesome room to me! These two wore smiles during the whole breakfast and you could tell that they really enjoyed their day and had a lot of fun. Their family were some very sweet and kind people. You could tell where the kids get it from.

Next, I got to spend some time with the Willoughby family.

(Left) Amy, (Middle) Sean, (Right) Patrick Willoughby

This family was really nice as well. I asked Patrick if he had fun beating up the bad guys and he said “yes.” Who wouldn’t have fun saving the world right? I was also lucky enough to get that great smile out of him right before he got “photo-ed out” for the day. Which is very understandable. Sometimes saving the world plus being famous, takes a bit out of you.

Towards the end of breakfast, the kids were free to roam around and get their autographs from the Super Megaforce team.

John Mark Loudermilk who plays Noah Carver aka Blue Ranger, handing out handshakes and autographs to the kids.
John Mark Loudermilk with Christina Masterson who plays Emma Goodall aka Pink Ranger
(Front) Ciara Hanna who plays Gia Morgan aka Yellow Ranger and (Back) Azim Rizk who plays Jake Holling who plays the former Black Ranger and presently the Green Ranger


After the breakfast and enjoying the con, the kids got to get front row VIP seating at the “Power Rangers Super Megaforce” panel, where the cast of the show did a Q & A.

Saban's Power Rangers At Power Morphicon 2014
Photo Credit: Getty Images-Saban Brands

Not only did the kids get to be front row, they also got to see a teaser trailer and got first look at the cast of the upcoming “Power Rangers Dino Charge.”

Meet your new rangers coming in 2015!

Saban's Power Rangers At Power Morphicon 2014
James Davies (Black Dino Charge Ranger), Yoshi Sudarso (Blue Dino Charge Ranger), Brennan Mejia, (Red Dino Charge Ranger), Camille Manning Hyde (Pink Dino Charge Ranger) and Michael Taber (Green Dino Charge Ranger). Photo Credit: Getty Images-Saban Brands

That wrapped up the day for these kids. I was honored to be invited by Saban Brands to cover this Make-A-Wish event. Looking at these kids, you would never notice that these kids are battling a life-threatening illness, everyday of their lives. They all wore smiles on their faces and ran around like any other kid would, with no complaints. I also realized how much Power Rangers means to kids. Growing up, I would always watch “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” after school. I would pretend to be Tommy aka Green Ranger/White Ranger, all the time. “The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” were our heroes for us late 80’s and early 90’s kids. 20 years later, Saban continues to bring heroes to these kids, with the “Power Rangers Super Megaforce.” . Quite honestly, it should be the other way around. I think it’s time for our kids to be our heroes. All of us grown ups should meet these six kids that became Junior Power Rangers for a day. They face these serious health issues everyday and still happen to wear a smile and to live life the best way they can. We could all learn something from the kids. I know that I learned a lot from them. So thank you to these Junior Power Rangers, for teaching me a thing or two about life, and to Saban Brands and Make-A-Wish, for helping these kids out with their wishes.