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Lucio-Oh’s Cereal Is Now Real Making My Dreams Come True

Jonny Cruz, voice actor for popular Overwatch character Lucio, has never been one to shy away from proposing ideas on his social media. The man brings up fan ideas, theories, and even gets the voices together for some fan-service once in a while but now one of the biggest jokes in Overwatch is now coming to your local grocery store thanks to ravenous fan support on social media.

Originally a spray in the game, Lucio-Oh’s was a faux brand cereal for Lucio and since then, the box of fruity loops has gained a lot of traction to the point that, yes, during this years Blizzcon, they have confirmed that it is real.

Kellogg’s cereal will be producing the cereal although no release date has been announced yet.

Needless to say, dreams come true.